Mental Health

Gaps between access, funding and services, leave many with a mental illness, homeless, frequently leading to self medicating through drugs and also turning to crime. It is estimated that 45% of the homeless have a mental health diagnosis.

According to the California Healthcare Foundation, 4.7% of adults in the Inland Empire suffer from a severe mental illness that results in functional impairment, which interferes with or limits major life activities.

Neighboring counties have taken a different approach to mental health. Umbrella PAC seeks to assist to implement many of the same procedures improve the quality of life of the residents of Riverside County and at the same time reducing the overall tax burden.


Homelessness is a symptom of larger systemic problems. We will address some of the root problems and work with local government to bring about real solutions. It isn't a "ship them off" answer, it is a holistic approach. Not every homeless person has the same story. There are many reasons why a person ends up without stable living conditions.

Stagnant wages and the lack of affordable housing have a direct link to the very large uptick in homelessness.
This a multifaceted problem that requires multifaceted solutions. Advocating for resources and legislation that addresses some of these root issues is the way forward. When we work together great things happen. We work for everyone, finding solutions and bringing about real change.


Our resources are scarce and we need to take action. We deserve clean air and water, it is a human right that we have been robbed of. California experiences frequent droughts and we need to find more efficient ways to maximize the sparse supplies of water to ensure everyone has access to the water they need. Air quality is declining across the US, especially in areas where industry is reliant on logistics, fossil fuels, and coal. We advocate for legislation that addresses environmental protection; as well as supporting elected officials that do the work to improve our quality of life.

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